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Property in Greece - professionally, reliably and profitably

The world financial crisis has reduced the investment appeal of real estate in Greece, but on the contrary - has made buying real estate in the country even more profitable investment.

On our web site we are pleased to present you the best options for buying property in Greece in different variants and in a wide price range:

  • Real estate in Greece in the resort areas of the mainland, in the capital and major Greek cities;
  • Real estate in Crete and other Greek islands, the most attractive for tourists as well as for permanent residence;
  • Private home in Greece in a wide price range throughout the country;
  • Luxury villas in Greece in the most prestigious resorts, with unique design, extensive infrastructure and completely ready for living;
  • Purchase of land in Greece to build their own real estate and good investment of funds.

Experienced specialists of our company as the Russian and Greek sides have a full service of selling properties in Greece, starting from selecting the best option for you, and transaction support to the managing of real estate after making their ownership.

With us you can:

  • Choose a property that best suits your needs and wishes. If you find it difficult to choose we will find you the best option in terms of price, quality and functional properties of the property, based on our experience and knowledge of the preferences of Russian consumers and depending on the acquisition;
  • Do not worry about the legal support of the sale and the correct execution of all necessary documents - our legal professionals will take care of the legal support of the transaction itself, perfectly speaking Greek law norms;
  • Do not feel the language barrier when negotiating with the owners of property in Greece and dealing with Greek authorities;
  • Get a full and accurate information on all the nuances associated with owning your property in Greece and living in the country after the purchase of property.

We will pick you real estate in Greece for their own accommodation in the most comfortable conditions, and at the best price. If you are interested in buying investment property in Greece or the purchase of land in Greece, we will introduce to you the most profitable investment options for funds from the perspectives of the selected region and with the calculation of return on your investment. It is not as difficult as you think to become owner of your own business in Greece - if you go to those who know how profitable to invest money in the Greek real estate.

Honesty, professionalism, responsibility, efficiency and completeness of the information - constant conditions of our cooperation with each customer.

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