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Real Estate in Greece: all forms of cooperation and mutual benefit

We invite to cooperate all who interested in buying or selling real estate in Greece, businesses and individuals.

Our company can offer you services of buying and selling real estate in Greece in the most favorable terms.

If you real estate agency, travel agency or other legal entity that provides (or willing to provide) services for the selection of real estate in Greece, the professional staff of our company in Russia and Greece will assist you in finding the best property to meet customer requirements.

Our specialists who work in Russia and Greece have extensive experience in properties selling in Greek and know the rules of Greek law governing transactions with real estate.

Also, we will provide you advice and organizational support in transactions with any Greek real estate.

Home in Greece, villas in Greece, the purchase of land in Greece or any other operations with real estate - you can contact our company with any proposals of cooperation.

Advantages of cooperation with our company:

  • Ability to meet the needs of the client to choose any real estate in Greece - we offer a wide range of real estate (including land) throughout Greece, including its continental and insular part, including property in Crete and other well-known resorts in Greece, in any price range;
  • professional support of the transaction at every stage - a practical experience of our staff in Greek real estate market, their knowledge of the Greek language, immigration laws and laws regulating transactions with real estate, will protect you and your customers from fraud and risk investment funds;
  • Convenience and flexibility: we will consider all options for joint cooperation and choose the most acceptable and beneficial to the scheme.

For those who sell real estate in Greece, our special offer: presentation in a directory of real estate on our website. If you a real estate company or a person having a property in Greece, you can place the information about your property in our catalogue, that can help to find a buyer.

In addition of placement in the catalogue, we can offer property owners in Greece other forms of cooperation, which we can negotiate individually based on your needs and specifics of the object.

Cooperation with our company - the key to successful and profitable operation of real estate in Greece.

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